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St. Anthony Gold Corp.

A Canadian Born Resource Company from the Ground up

Canada has a long and prolific history of producing successful resource companies and mineral prospects, including gold, silver, and precious metal resources on a world-class scale. This legacy has continued to the present when new, growth-focused companies have emerged, even as the entire world faced unprecedented financial challenges.

St. Anthony Gold Corp. is at the forefront of this new era. Established in 2020 by a seasoned Canadian resource team, the Company has placed its focus on the historic Red Lake District in Ontario, Canada. The Red Lake Mining District is well known as one of the largest and highest-grade historic gold-producing regions in the world. Its major mines are credited with over 30 million ounces of high-grade gold.

Recent high-grade gold discoveries in the region following significant drilling results have sparked a new rush for position among major miners and resource developers alike. St. Anthony Gold Corp. has consolidated its efforts focusing on two projects, both with high-grade and bulk tonnage potential in the region.

 “We’ve got a great asset, great management, and great historical understanding in the area - this is high-grade gold.”

Peter Wilson, CEO, St. Anthony Gold Corp.

At the Heart of Ontario's Historic Gold District

Following the high-grade gold discovery made by Great Bear Resources in 2017, a resurgence has taken place surrounding the historic Red Lake Mining Camp. There are now several dozen mining exploration and development companies working on the ground at various sites. St. Anthony Gold Corp. is well positioned within this group having gained early position through its previous exploration agreements inherited as part of its corporate structure.

The Red Lake greenstone belt is one of the most prolific gold camps in Canada, with gold production from three principal deposits: Campbell-Red Lake (>13 million oz.), Cochenor-Willans (1.2 million oz.), and the Madsen (2.4 million oz.) mines. The two major producers, Campbell and Dickenson (Red Lake) mines have produced a total of 14 million troy ounces of gold since going into production in 1948.

Past production and current reserves in the Red Lake district total approximately 23 million ounces of gold and continue to rise.

development Strategy

Developing High-Grade Discoveries

St. Anthony Gold Corp. is a Canadian gold exploration company founded through its transition from a previous resource development company. It launches with two highly active projects –both located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. The lead project, named for its historic St. Anthony gold mine legacy, is located 85 km east of town of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, and 13 km south of Savant Lake. The St. Anthony mine area is considered the highest probability, nearest term bulk tonnage target.

Aerial reconnaissance over the St. Anthony Gold Mine Region in the prolific Red Lake district in Northern Ontario, Canada.

The focus of St. Anthony Gold Corp. is on developing worthwhile resource projects in established and historic areas, bringing those resources to their full potential.

Recent discoveries in the Red Lake district by Great Bear Resources and others have led to what amounts to another gold rush. St. Anthony Gold Corp. is well positioned in this Area Play.